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Our company was awarded the honorary title of "Abiding by Contracts and Keeping Credit" in 2019!
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In 2019, CHNCHIP was awarded the "Guangdong Province Contract-abiding and Credit-Reliable Enterprise" selection results were released.
Honesty and credibility are the basic norms of the market economy. Honesty is not only the basic requirement for the survival and development of enterprises, but also the basic ethics that enterprises must follow. The Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce organizes the municipal and district Administration for Industry and Commerce to declare the basic information of the enterprises in the province, the level of corporate brand management, the level of corporate contract credit management, the ability and status of corporate contract performance, corporate operating benefits, and corporate social responsibility Seven aspects including credit and corporate social honor, including nearly a hundred indicators, are comprehensively calculated, analyzed, and evaluated. In the end, companies that meet all indicators can obtain this honor. The market supervision department’s "contract-honoring and trustworthy" enterprise identification is an important measure to guide enterprises to establish and improve internal management mechanisms, promote enterprises to continuously increase their awareness of integrity and law-abiding, vigorously promote the construction of a social integrity system, enhance consumer confidence, and promote economic development.

Since its establishment, CHNCHIP has always adhered to the business philosophy of integrity, adhered to the principles of earning trust with honesty, and building reputation with honesty, taking "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, win-win, and gratitude" as the way of the enterprise and the foundation of business development, and the intimate solution The basic purpose of serving customers has established a good social reputation. The award of the title of “Abiding by Contracts and Respecting Credit” is a full affirmation of the integrity of Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce and CHNCHIP. In the future, the company will further strengthen product quality, strengthen business management, improve quality services, and operate in strict accordance with the law to better achieve Corporate value, promote the healthy and sustainable development of the company, and make greater contributions to society.