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Our company was awarded the advanced unit of technological innovation
Source:Original | Author:chnchip | Published time: 2020-08-19 | 216 Views | Share:


In August 2020, our company was awarded the Zhuhai Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Innovation. This honor is inseparable from the joint efforts of all innovators and the strong support of the company’s leaders for scientific and technological innovation. The fruit of promoting innovation and seeking development.

The honor of the scientific and technological innovation award is the affirmation and promotion of our scientific and technological innovation ability and technical level, and also the recognition of the professionalism of our technical personnel; this honor will continue to promote the vigorous development of our scientific and technological innovation in the future.

Inspired by the national innovation-driven policy, scientific and technological innovation will become a new engine for the long-term development of enterprises. In the new year, all engineering R&D personnel will continue to carry forward the innovation-driven spirit, strengthen independent learning, adhere to market demand as the guidance, and vigorously promote Scientific and technological innovation, continuous improvement of technological processes, focus on new product development and application of scientific and technological achievements, grasp the policy dividend, further improve the company's core competitiveness, promote the company's safety and scientific development, and contribute to the company's becoming a first-class enterprise in technological innovation.

Innovation is the guide of national development and the symbol of human development. CHNCHIP will uphold the belief of innovation to move forward.

Sincerely congratulate the company for winning the Zhuhai Advanced Unit of Science and Technology Innovation! ! !