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ZHCPT and CHNCHIP carry out industry university research cooperation and exchange
Source:Original | Author:chnchip | Published time: 2020-09-21 | 64 Views | Share:
On the afternoon of September 15, in the conference room of Zhuhai CHNCHIP Engineering Co., Ltd. , Mr. Wu, the general manager, received five leaders from Zhuhai City Polytechnic college. The two sides discussed how to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, improve the application-oriented university's ability to serve the society, serve the local economic construction, and speed up the cultivation of enterprise's professionals in short supply, mainly in the aspects of electronic information and intelligent control The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation.

This meeting is mainly to investigate the operation of CHNCHIP. The working mode, working environment and corporate culture are the cornerstones of follow-up cooperation and win-win.

On the same day, we visited the factory's fully automated workshop and got a preliminary understanding of the equipment and instruments, which provided valuable practical data for teaching materials.

During the meeting, the two sides respectively introduced the development process of the company from the aspects of industry background, main business, enterprise advantages and product introduction. CHNCHIP said that the company's rapid development in recent years is inseparable from Zhuhai's talent and policy advantages. Now the country attaches great importance to the development of the semiconductor industry. As the only chip manufacturing industry in Zhuhai, CHNCHIP should respond to the call of the state and actively promote the development of local semiconductor industry, hoping to further deepen cooperation with the college. We should thoroughly implement the strategy of industry education integration, fully tap the entry point of school enterprise cooperation, and strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the college.